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Frequently Ask Questions


Q:  Can my dog stay all day?  Do you charge for all day stays?

A: You are welcome to leave your dog all day. There is no charge for all day stay.  Feel free to drop off your pet before work and pick up after.  Most of our clients do.  We have a time to fit anyone's schedule.  Needing your dog gone for the day due to home repairs or other visitors?  It's the perfect day to schedule your dog's grooming!

Q:  My dog is older or is not in good health, can he/she still be groomed?

A:  Grooming is important to all pets regardless of age.  When in doubt, ask your vet.  If you are not sure of your pet physical conditions, it is best to consult a veterinarian.  Let us know of any health issues your pet may have.  We can arrange our schedule to accommadate elderly pets or pets with medical conditions, just tell us when scheduling your appointment. 

Q:  Are you open on Saturdays?

A:  Yes, we have Saturday appointments.  Our Saturday hours are from 8am until 1pm.  These times are flexible. We extend our Saturday hours during busy times like holidays and hot weather.

Q: What are your boarding rates?

A:  Our rates are based on size and the amount of specialized care your dog requires.  The average small dog rate is $12-$15 per day.  The average large dog is $15-20.  Call for your quote for extra large dogs and dogs with special needs.  We can give medicines and injections. 

Q:  Can I pick up/drop off my dog for boarding on Sunday?

A:  Yes.  You can.  Please call to schedule your drop off or pick up time.  Sunday is the closest thing to a day off that we have, so be patient.  All times will be at our convenience.  We know that your pet is happiest at home, and we know that you miss them while your away.  This is why we allow weekend and after hours pick up.  Please call and speak to us before arriving to pick up you pet on Sundays and holidays.